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Pure Highland Cattle Beef

'Pure Highland Cattle Beef' comes from the Scottish native breed of Highland Cattle (the ones with the long hair and big horns!). In our opinion this is truly the best quality and most succulent, tasty meat you will ever buy.

Our 100% pure Highland Cattle are kept in low intensity numbers outside in fields all the year round. Being a native cattle, they are slow-growing animals, which means that the meat offers better nutritious values and is lower in cholesterol than many other varieties (see the comparison chart below).

Balnafettach Beef is truly natural meat reared in the most natural environment possible, and it shows in the flavour and texture. We don't artificially 'push' our animals to achieve carcass weight but allo them to develop naturally. The final secret? ... The carcasses are dry-matured in a Cold Room for at least 3 weeks to allow the meat to tenderize and develop the full flavour before being butchered by our specialist butcher and then vacuum packed to maintain a high degree of hygiene and to seal in the flavours... absolutely delicious!

Balnafettach Fold is a HI-Health accredited herd and a full member of Quality Meat Scotland (QMS). This means that our herd is certified disease free (against IBR, BVD, Leptospirosis and Johnes) by regular blood testing. Being HI-Health accredited and the fact that Highland cattle live outdoors in a natural environment, they require less veterinary intervention. Our animals are never given any unnecessary medicines, artificial growth enhancers or probiotics. We also meet the very exacting animal welfare and quality standards for meat production as required by QMS resulting in Balnafettach being accredited as a Specially Selected Scotch assured Farm.

Copies of our QMS and HI-Health certificates and animal pedigrees can be provided with meat orders on request.

We do have a simple quality guarantee with our pure Highland Beef - if you do not agree with our view of its excellence, we will gladly offer to refund your purchase costs if it fails to delight!!

The Highland Beef Story

The following text is from the Highland Cattle Society web site.

'Guaranteed Pure Highland Beef' comes wholly and exclusively from 100% pure pedigree Highland Cattle and commands a significant premium in specialist retail butchery outlets.

Highland Cattle are naturally reared thriving in the hills and uplands of our country without the need for intensive farming practices, producing an excellent modern beef carcass with the lean, well-marbled, flesh that ensures tenderness and succulence with a very distinctive flavour.

Guaranteed Pure Highland Beef is Healthy!

Analytical tests carried out on Guaranteed Pure Highland Beef (GPHB) by SAC, The National College for Food, Land and Environmental Studies, demonstrate convincing evidence that GPHB is significantly lower in Fat and Cholesterol, and higher in Protein and Iron than other beef.

Food scientists at SAC led by Dr Ivy Barclay, Head of the Food Science & Technology Department have published analytical results which have been determined on Pure Highland Beef cuts comparing each grade of meat with results from all beef published by McCance & Widdowson at the Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food.

Pure Highland Rump 4.2 45.8 22.4 2.0
MAFF ALL Beef 13.5 63.0 18.9 2.3
Pure Highland Shoulder 4.7 42.2 21.6 1.9
MAFF ALL Beef 10.6 63.0 20.2 2.1
Pure Highland Sirloin 7.1 37.0 21.8 2.3
MAFF ALL Beef 22.8 67.0 16.6 1.6
Pure Highland ALL Cuts 4.5 40.9 20.7 2.1
MAFF ALL Cuts 15.6 64.3 18.6 2.0